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Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Gliszczynski

Krzysztof Gliszczyński, born 1962, Polish painter, teacher and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk where studied between 1982-1987. Has been working at the Gdansk University since 1987. Directs the Laboratory of Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting at the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts. At the turn of the 1995-2002 with a group of friends – Jan Buczkowski, Dominika Krechowicz, Maciej Sieńkowski and Krzysztof Wroblewski co-founded and co-hosted Gallery “Koło” in Gdansk. Received number of awards. Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.


Prof. dr hab. Marcin Trzebiatowski

Professor. Lecturer at the Catholic University of Lublin, legal counsellor, patent attorney, court’s expert witness, lecturer in commercial law and intellectual property law at the Department of Commercial Law of Catholic University of Lublin. Member of the Supreme Audit Office, the arbitrator in the Court of Arbitration for Internet Domains at the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Specialist in national and community economic law, industrial property rights, particularly: trademark, copyright, unfair competition, antitrust. Participant and co-host a number of conferences and training courses in the above-mentioned range.


Dr hab. Jarosław Załęcki

Professor at the University of Gdansk, Head of the Implementation of the Social Science Research in the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, a member of the Polish Sociological Association. Concentrates around the urban sociology, survey research methodology, sociology and the sociology of culture and ethnicity. An expert in the field of consumer research.


Dr hab. Adam Kamiński

Graduate of the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts, currently lecturer at the Faculty of Graphic Arts Academy in Gdansk and the Department of New Media Art Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Gdansk. Received his diploma in Graphic Design Studio under direction of prof. Jerzy Krechowicz – Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.


Dr hab. Oleg Gorbaniuk

Professor at the Catholic University Of Lublin at the Faculty of Philosophy. His research interests focuses around social psychology, methodology of psychological research and marketing, consumer behaviour, political marketing and brand image.



Dr Katarzyna Borkowska

Linguist, university lecturer, a graduate of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Gdansk and postgraduate studies in project management at the WSB University in Gdansk, graduated from the School of Promotion of Science Technology Transfer Center CITTRU Jagiellonian University, collaborated with the University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Doctor of Humanities.
Language expert with 16 years of experience (Helpline Language UG), works with law firms, specializing in linguistic pragmatics of language, the language of advertising, media and business.

Designs and implements training on the issues of effective communication, public speaking, business English.


Dr Beata Leszczyńska

Doctor of Humanities in the discipline of linguistics. A graduate of the University of Bialystok. Member of the Polish Cognitive Society, interested in implementation methods of contemporary cognitive science to business operations.

The author of publications on the linguistic image of the world, the language of the image. She conducts workshops using its proprietary tools – Set Design Card, which enable the analysis of business projects for the humanities, social, cult, and of course language.


Dr hab. Jan Sikora

Certified interior designer, founder of the studio Sikora Wnętrza – author of Stacja Kultura in Rumia and Sopoteka. Lecturer, author of the thesis about the architecture of Polish coast. Author of regular publications in professional journals. Professional member of IIDA – International Interior Design Association, based in Chicago.


Dr Pawel Brzezicki

Lawyer, PhD. Lecturer at the University of Gdansk and the WSB University of Gdansk. He has many years of experience in providing legal assistance to patients, doctors, medical entities and entities involved in conducting clinical trials of medicinal products. He specializes in medical and pharmaceutical law. Author of numerous articles, a participant and speaker at many conferences.


dr Wojciech Gierszewski, LL.M.

PhD, Legal counsellor, patent attorney, a graduate of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun and Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago, a PhD candidate in the field of trademark law, author of scientific publications. Lecturer on intellectual property rights. Specialist in the field of copyright, industrial property and unfair competition. He gained experience in litigations and strategic consulting in the field of intellectual property of enterprenuers.


Andrzej Podszywałow

A graduate of the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Economic Cybernetics and Informatics (1976-1980) and Master of Business Administration (1990-1991), Professional specialization – valuation of dematerialised assets and equity instruments. More than 20 year experience in valuation, expertise, training, publications.
Assessor of the Provincial Court in Warsaw (since 1999, the fourth term of office until 2017.) In the area of the valuation of dematerialised assets (trademarks, patents, know-how), the valuation of equity instruments and financial (stocks, shares, options) and analysis risk management.
Arbiter of the Copyright Commission (since 2011, currently VII term of office until 2017.), Member of the Specialist Team: Evaluation of applications in the programs.
Innovativeness creator and Patent Plus at the National Centre for Research and Development (2010-2014), Member of the Programme and co-founder of Association Centre for Transfer Pricing (since 2012).

Services: www.wycenapraw.pl and www.ceny-transferowe.pl;


Wojciech Kruszyński

Economist, economic advisor, specializing in estimating the value of companies and their specific assets, such as brand, know-how, trademark, goodwill. Provides training and audits.

IP Institute focuses on three basic forms of action:
1. support of state institutions and private disputes in the field of intellectual property
2. training activities in the field of intellectual property
3. international cooperation with twin entities
Support for state institutions and private aims to provide opinions and expertise to help make a decision in the case and allow to find a clear unraveling the dispute.
Training activities aimed at promoting knowledge of intellectual property and raising its level among law enforcement organs, enterprises, law firms and other interested broadening their knowledge.
International cooperation is to exchange experience with similar institutions operating in other countries, as well as the joint organization of conferences and the publication of scientific materials.

IP Experts Institute management:

President – dr hab. Marcin Trzebiatowski

Vice-President– dr Paweł Brzezicki

Vice-President – Wojciech Gierszewski, LL.M.

IP Institute is open to development and new members with expertise in areas useful for cases related to intellectual property. Anyone interested in membership, please contact at: biuro@instytutekspertyz.pl

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Benefits of cooperation

Solving the issues of intellectual property often requires expertise from many different fields of science or art. IP Experts Institute combines the experience and knowledge of academics, experienced practitioners and assessors at giving the assurance of professional support specialists on this issue. Disputes concerning intellectual property wins often not the one who is right, but one who is better prepared. Support of IP Experts Institute can provide a significant increase chances of winning the dispute.